Es gibt einen Player im Markt der Heizraum-/Heizungsoptimierer. Dieser hat einen hohen Anteil an Smart-Technology im Programm. Wir planen diese in Q1/Q2 2017 zu testen.

Folgend ein paar Informationen von der Webseite von Faunders:

Faunder builds highly efficient energy solutions, tailored to the needs, and requirements of our customers. Combining industry experience with state of the art research, supports us to be ahead of the industry. Customers are the core of our business, supporting them in minimising their environmental foot print is our mission.


Every building is different, every person has different requirements, and preferences. Our products analyse your energy demand precisely, in every room for any device. Providing detailed overview of your energy consumption and via smart algorithms optimising your energy bill. 


Our customers are property owners, with a focus on residential properties. Our products can be used in existing properties as well as in new constructions. In the future we will also offer our technology to owners of commercial and industrial properties.


In the first quarter of 2017 we will enter the market. Homeowner will be the first who can enjoy the benefits of the Faunder Technology: lower energy consumption, cost reductions, and a smaller environmental footprint. So get ready!